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How does the challenge work?

The challenge - should you choose to accept it - is using the next 30 days to spoil yourself with a new skincare routine, make healthy choices, work towards getting the complexion you’ve always wanted, and (importantly!!!!) have some fun too!

We’ve written the ebook to end all ebooks. Basically we’ve taken our 18 years of experience helping peeps with problem skin and crammed it into 65+ pages of happy skin gold.

All you’ve got to do is...

  1. Download the ebook (it’s totally free)
  2. Make a cuppa and have a flick through 65+ pages of priceless glowing skin knowledge
  3. Learn about your skin type, and find out what you need to do to solve those crazy skin issues you’re having
  4. Stock up on your Happy faves (there’s a cheeky exclusive discount code in the ebook*).
  5. Use your new Happy products for 30 days, follow our tips, and get your chance to win prizes just for participating!

TIP: If you’re a Happy Skincare newbie, order yourself a Super-Sized Sample Pack - don’t forget they come with free Aussie shipping and a $10 Next Purchase voucher.

And 30 days later…. Bask in the glowiness of your skin :) :)

Gosh that sounds like hard work….

It’s more fun than hard work, but of course if you don’t have 30 days up your sleeve then that’s cool bananas. You can just learn a whole lot about your skin from our ebook and apply your newfound knowledge at any old time :)

What's in the ebook?

What's in the ebook?

What ISN’T in the ebook!? You’ll learn how to get back to basics with a 3-step, simple, straightforward skincare routine that:


Nourishes your skin with a balanced, complete routine


Focuses on clean, pure, holistic, and organic ingredients


Supports your skin with the most powerful detoxifying ingredients nature has to offer.


Guides your skin back to a calm, soothed, relaxed, irritation-free state


Purges build-up from congestion-inducing products, routines, or environments.

You'll also be....

  • Learning what self love means & how it can help your skin glow
  • Discovering why knowing your skin type and using products specific to that is the NUMBER ONE key to clear skin nirvana
  • Indulging in balancing self care practices to realign mind, body & spirit for luminous skin
  • Understanding the importance of rest and relaxation to lower stress hormones
  • Changing your diet, boosting exercise and adopting a happy, can-do, positive and grateful state of mind for ultimate results
  • Having truckloads of fun!!!
  • Scoring an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE* (with purchase)
  • ANDDD… the chance to WIN PRIZES!


“My skin has seriously never been better and when I use your products, particularly when I try and take the time to massage my face with the Cloud 9 cleanser, I feel like I'm truly nourishing myself. Thank you so much again for putting so much into creating such a beautifully amazing range. ”

How do I know if the challenge is for me?

  • Do you want radiant, healthy, clear skin?
  • Are you craving skin that glows as bright as the YOU on the inside?
  • Interested in kicking toxins to the curb and saying g’day to nourishing, skin-loving ingredients?
  • Want to make your skincare routine FUN and EXCITING and TOTALLY ADDICTIVE!?
  • Want accountability & lots of support on your clear skin journey?
  • Do winning prizes tickle your fancy? (er…. YEAH!)
  • Want skincare FREEBIES & exclusive discounts that no one else has access to?
  • Ready to learn what it’s going to take to achieve healthy skin for life?

If you said YES to any of the above, then you’d better get downloading :)

It’s time to get your glow on with #30DaysOfHappySkin.

A note from Aaron and Phoebe...

Get ready…. everything you’re about to learn has been tried and tested by our clever selves and HUNDREDS of happy customers.

This ebook is like looking at the inside of our brains (seriously, we live and breathe for this stuff!).

It’s for ALL skin types and skin concerns (even tricky ones). Get ready to change up your current skin condition and learn all about nourishing self care practices that will transform your skin in 30 days (or less!!) and teach you healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

We can’t wait to hear your stories of skin happiness.

Aaron and Phoebe XOX

Are you ready?! Let’s glow!

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. We collect and use your data according to our Privacy Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I partake in the challenge, achieve radiant skin, and score prizes?

All shall be revealed in the ebook! Download to get started :)

When does the challenge start/end?

It’s ongoing! Each month we’ll be rewarding you for completing #30DaysOfHappySkin with spot prizes & discounts. You can do the challenge as many times as you like and get rewarded for simply showing up, sharing your journey, interacting and participating.

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